Dogs Health Problems

Why do dogs have many health problems ?

Dogs, bred under selective selection, are highly susceptible to health problems, including genetic disorders. They are twice as likely to have a genetic disease than horses, and these diseases are often linked to domestication, particularly in animals bred under large numbers. The OMIA database provides information on domestic and wild animals, birds, and fish, as …

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Afghan Hound Dog Breed

Afghan Hound

The medium-sized, slim Afghan Hound breed of dog is renowned for its show-worthy features and long, silky coat. The breed name Tazi is thought to have originated in Afghanistan. The breed is renowned for its gentle, relatively quiet, and humorous nature around people they feel at ease with. They are also highly independent and self-assured. …

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Originally from Germany, the Affenpinscher is a small toy dog breed with short- to medium-length wiry fur and a face that many people refer to as “monkey-like.” While they can be any colour, these dogs are typically black. They have a mane of shaggier fur around their heads and a short nose. They are often …

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